.00.My name is: Delilah.
.01.I’m aged: 18.
.02.I live in: California.
.03.I want to go to: Oregon. I want to go to school up there for my junior/senior year of college.
.04.My sibling/s is/are: an older brother and sister.
.05.Things i like are: fall☺️ corgis, turtles.
.06.Things i don’t like are: Sad people.


.07.I like people who: Are open minded but not obnoxiously So.
.08.I don’t like people who: Are mean for no good reason.
.09.My favorite person is: Da boyf.
.10.I like them because: He’s weirder than me but I still think he’s rad.
.11.My least favorite person is: I don’t really have one.
.12.I don’t like them because: No reason.
.13.If i could hug someone right now, i would hug: EVeRYONE!! I love hugs.
.14.As far as friends go, i have: a few.. Only like four are unconditional.
.15.And significant others..: 7 months through thick and thin, near or far.

(((..::love-life and things::..))) answer these about your crush or boy/girlfriend (if you don’t have one.. leave blank)

.16.Do you have a crush or boy/girl friend?: babbbbyyyy.
.17.And his/her name would be?: Kasem.
.18.Do you talk to them often?: were always texting but don’t really say much until were together.
.19.How old is she/he?: He’s 19.
.20.How far have you gotten with this person?: pretty far I guess
.21.How far are you willing to get?: super comfortable with him, nothing is off limits given time. 
.22.Does this person share your interests?: we love corgis.☺️
.23.Are you romantically involved with this person or is it just a fling?: he is my world
.24.Could you imagine the rest of your life with this person?: I definitely can.
.25.Do you believe in love?: yes.
.26.Do you “love” this person?: I’ve never been so sure of something
.27.Have you noticed that you like this person sporadically or do you love them every second of the day?: this boy is the most annoying person I have ever met and I love him so much 
.28.Must a kiss be sacred?: No.
.29.Must sex be saved for marriage?: No.
.31.How long was your longest relationship?: 4 years.
.32.How long was your shortest?: 3 weeks.
.33.Do you believe in love at first sight, or is it just extreme attraction?: I think it’s lust but you can have a great feeling about someone.
.34.How would you describe your ideal mate?: Someone who makes me happy.


.35. What is your religion, if any?: None.
.36. Do you practice it, or just believe in it strongly?: I don’t practice anything
.37. Do you believe in God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell?: I don’t know, really.
.38. Why do you believe in what you do?: I don’t really have a specific reason why I don’t follow any religion. I just don’t.
(Same as spiced-pumpkin)


.39.Have you ever been drunk?: Yes.
.40.Do you want to get drunk or would you do it again?: I don’t often but I’ll do it again eventually.
.41.Have you ever done drugs?: No.
.42.Have you ever stolen/shoplifted?: No.
.44.Are you the innocent looking type?: yes and no.. I guess it depends 
.45.Are you really innocent?: No but I’m sensitive so people think I am.
.46.Have you ever cheated on you boyfriend or girlfriend?: Never.
.47.Are you a virgin?: No.
.48.Why or why not?: Bc sex is cool
.49.Are you racist or discriminatory?: Lol nooo.
.50.Have you been skinny dipping?: Not yet
.51.Do you enjoy nudity, whether you are nude, or maybe someone else?: No, I think underwear is more fun tbh
.52.Were you caught doing any of these bad things above (i.e. drinking, doing drugs, stealing)?: No.
.53.Name some things you have done that you regret: Idk I regret wasting time inside
.54.Would you say that you are open-minded?: I definitely am


-Are you more…
.55.crazy or conserved?: crazy but I’m shy at first.
.56.loud or quiet?: Loud.
.57.pretty or ugly?: pretty but in no way perfect.
.58.over-weight or under-weight?: I’m healthy. 
.59.outgoing or shy?: I’m shy one in one unless I know you, but super outgoing in social situations.
.60.emotional or nonemotional?: emotional.
.61.perverted or pure?:perverted.
.62.simple or complex?: I’m both.


.63.Do you prefer bands or just singers?: both.
.64.Name some bands or artists that you like: t swift, the neighbourhood, fall out boy, panic, you me at six, Ed Sheeran, VAMPIRE WEEKEND😍.
.65.What genres of music would you say you listen to?: Everything but rap and country.
.66.Do you like certain pop songs that you just think are really catchy?: yeah some. 
.67.Are you in a band?: No.
.68.If not, would you like to be in one?: Not really.
.69.If you were in one, what would you do? If you are, what do you do in the band?: I would sing

((..::Labels and image/style::..))

.70.Do you label people and yourself?: No.
.71.If so, what is your label: idk ppl think I’m cool until they see I’m weird af
.72.Do you like the way you look?: Yeah, I came to terms with my imperfections
.73.What makes the way you look especially unique?: my crooked front teeth.
.74.Do you wear ties like avril?: da fuq
.75.What do you think of her style?: I don’t really care. 


.76.Do you prefer lots and lots of friends, or a few close ones?: A few close ones.
.77.What are your feelings towards rain?: I like it, we don’t get much here.
.78.Who/What gets you really excited when you see them/it?:corgis AGHHHH.
.79.Do you want something/someone that you can never have?: So much but that’s only human.
.80.What’s your best memory?: Luckily, I have too many.
.81.Have you ever been on a real date?: Yeah!! Going on one tonight (:
82.Make out or take out?: The answer is always make out. 
.83.Do you have more guy friends or chick friends?: that actually care about me? Guys.
.85.Describe one of your embarrassing moments: I don’t wanna talk about them. :/
.86.Do you like your parents?: I love my mom, we get along so well but I live with my dad and we don’t get along. 
.87.How about slushies, do you like those?: YEAH.
.88.Do you own a digital camera?: Ya but it suxx bro.
.89.Would you write a paper for someone if they paid you?: no ty.
.90.Define “cool”: Me 
.91.Have you ever cooked dinner?: Only great dinners
.92.Are you forced to listen to the national anthem every morning at your school?: No but I did say the pledge in French every morning in high school.. Yeah I was weird.
.93.When you are using a lead pencil, do you let a lot of lead out or just a little?: wat
.94.What color is your toothbrush?: At my dads it’s red and at my moms it’s blue.
.95.Have you ever secretly desired to wear a eye patch?: how did you know?
.96.Do you spit or swallow?: I’m just gonna fearlessly say swallow 
.97.What size underwear do you wear?: Small or medium.
.98.Does it really have the same great taste?: my panties? Of course 
.99.Slippers or flipflops? Flip flops.
.100.Oddly enough, it’s over..: Thnks fr th mmrs

me: halloween is coming soon
mom: it's july
me: halloween is coming soon